GISDATA GROUP is enhancing its internal process of HR and performance management system with Selectio specialised consultancy

GISDATA GROUP is enhancing its internal process of HR and performance management system with Selectio specialised consultancy 

GISDATA GROUP, June 17, 2008..

Media contact: Kristina Hajduka, Marketing and PR, GISDATA GROUP llc

GISDATA GROUP, the largest and leading geoinformational company in Central and South-eastern Europe, as an umbrella company for several of its operating companies from Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, across Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina to Macedonia, has, on July 17 2008, signed an agreement with an HR consulting firm „SELECTIO“ for a project „Enhancement of the model for the human resources management in GISDATA GROUP“, for all companies in the region where GISDATA GROUP operates.

The project is based on close cooperation with SELECTIO management team and GISDATA GROUP employees, while the aim of the project is the upgrade of the HR management system in GISDATA GROUP operating companies, located in Zagreb and Rijeka, as well as in Ljubljana, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Skopje and Budapest.

GISDATA GROUP CEO, Mr. Boran Lončarić, on this occasion stated:

„GISDATA GROUP is renowned for its focus on quality, technological excellence, ethics and professionalism, thus we are known as one of the leading working environments for creative experts in the entire region. We are also recognized as a company in which one can work at the same level as in the technologically- leading centres in the world and as a company with a great atmosphere in which the focus on employees is a reality“.
GISDATA GROUP is developing its HR function as a core part of our overall politics of high quality of organisation and business. Until now, we were able to develop most HR functions internally and based on our experience, knowledge and practices of our management team from the USA and the region, as well as from various seminars and MBA education of our key management staff.
Currently in force and function in GISDATA GROUP is the so-called „second generation“ or „release 2.0“ of our internal HR and performance management system. Due to the expansion of our business an increase of the number of experts to over 150, we came to the realisation that for further enhancement and coordination of HR practices in all member companies, it is optimal to strengthen our team with an external specialized consultancy.

The planning of the project and the choice of the consultancy was made by GISDATA employees and management who have been working on it for several months, from the end of 2007 until now. Due to the quality, experience and completeness of the service, as well as the real capabilities to complete a complex project for the entire group, we chose „SELECTIO“. Our cooperation has started these days, and we expect the results in several phases over several months, while the full implementation is expected at the beginning of 2009.“

Ms. Vera Čubranić, the director of SELECTIO stated:

„This project perfectly describes exactly what managing human resources today means: strategic management of the only resources which have a decisive role in the success of a company – the human resources.
The goal of the project is the enhance the current human resource management system in GISDATA GROUP, and all their member companies. The results of the project will be evident in the definition and implementation of the process which will enable the achievement of business goals through its key stakeholders – experts and professional employees of GISDATA GROUP.

Given that the main merit for today’s dynamic growth on Croatian and international markets lies within GISDATA GROUP employees – their knowledge, skills and the quality of their work, who are also the reason behind the company’s status of a leading company despite competition, the SELECTIO project will be approached primarily from the perspective of current and future GISDATA GROUP employees.

SELECTIO will carry the project with support and participation of the entire GISDATA GROUP management and all employees, and together we will define the goals and the roles of every individual and their achievement. We expect the result of the project, whose official start we greeted with great delight and pride, very soon, in phases and through intensive work throughout around 6 months, and the launchings of the third generation of HR and performance management in GISDATA GROUP by 2009“.

In the light of the beginning of this project, Ms. Sandra Lovrić Lončarić, GISDATA human resources and quality assurance manager announced:

„As the pre-foundation of this project we carried out a survey about the best employers and regarding the level of satisfaction of GISDATA employees in cooperation with SELECTIO’s sister company MojPosao. The results have indicated that a great percentage of GISDATA GROUP employees like the job they are doing, feel something useful, feel the belonging to the company and sees their future in it, as well as they feel that they are working in a good working environment. Such results are an additional incentive for the development of an even higher-quality human resource management system which will provide exceptional possibilities for a professional development, satisfaction and work-life balance of our employees’.

I am very satisfied that our partner in further development and HR management system enhancement will be precisely SELECTIO.
SELECTIO was the logical choice, given that for years now in constant search for employees, we successfully cooperated with a job portal MojPosao, thus we had a chance to witness the professionalism of all SELECTIO member companies.

An additional competitive advantage of SELECTIO lies in their experience in implementation of similar projects in companies in our industry, even though the main advantage is precisely the human or professional factor which I recognised during the project preparation with the consultants Ms. Vera Čubranić and Mr. Aleksandar Zemunić.

I am looking forward to this project, expect a fast and successful implementation, and I would like our next mutual project to be obtaining the Employer-Partner certificate“.

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