GISDATA software for the entire Republic of Croatia cadastre

GISDATA software for the entire Republic of Croatia cadastre 

GISDATA GROUP, November 26, 2008

Media Contact: Kristina Hajduka, Marketing and PR, GISDATA GROUP LLC,

GISDATA software enables Croatian State Geodetic Administration (SGA) and its cadastre division increased working efficiency and quality service

GISDATA llc, Zagreb and Croatian State Geodetic Administration – SGA have, under the terms of this overall contract for SGA IT infrastructure, agreed a project which includes delivery and implementation of modern and up–to date GIS programming platform ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Desktop, used for accessing, viewing, storage, management, maintenance and distribution of the entire cadastral geoinformational real-estate database of the Republic of Croatia. This project will provide SGA with faster and more efficient internal work, overview and maintenance of spatial data, and will also expand the scope of existing web services, found on web-portal. The portal will allow citizens to browse cadastral spatial information.

Central server software – the key to integration of cadastral and land-registry information

The key element of this GIS software solution is implementation of central server geoinformational software system – the latest ArcGIS Server 9.3, on a SGA central server infrastructure, which allows centralised storage, management, access, viewing and distribution of the entire cadastral geoinformational real-estate database of the Republic of Croatia. GISDATA will train and support the SGA staff in further management of this powerful and globally recognized software.

Expanding geoinformational software equipment in the system of Croatian cadastral offices

GISDATA will, also, expand the capacity of SGA’s specialised user desk software equipment for management and editing of geoinformational data, which will enable SGA’s employees in large number of cadastral offices all around Croatia to use over 100 licensed ArcGIS Desktop – ArcInfo software packages.

GISDATA software – the basic tool for „Regulated Land“ project

This system will also be an internal platform for fast and efficient access and data management on central servers, not only by 1.000 SGA employees, but also of 2.000 internal users of the joint informational system of SGA and judicial authorities – Land Register Department, which is being founded within large and national project – „Regulated Land“ whose goal is harmonisation of cadastral and land registry data.

GISDATA has, in the past few years, delivered and implemented its platforms and software solutions for land registry in several cadastral offices, such as Zagreb and Koprivnica, along with SGA’s cadastral offices which are involved in project of registration of Maritime property, as well as several specific solutions in SGA’s central office. By this contract, GISDATA’s solutions have been extended to management of the entire central cadastral geoinformational database of SGA, as well as to the process of management of cadastral and geodetic information in the majority of cadastral offices in Croatia.

GISDATA software for geodetic administrations – already verified solutions in South-Eastern Europe

GISDATA has, as a major exporter of knowledge and software, through its six operative companies outside of Croatia, implemented geoinformational platforms and solutions in a number national geodetic administrations, such as Geodetic Administration of Republic of Slovenia, Hungarian State Institute for Geodesy and Cartography, Republic Geodetic Authority of Republic of Serbia, Real Estate Administration of Montenegro, as well as Geodetic Administration of Macedonia.

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