GISDATA GROUP established a daughter company in Albania

GISDATA GROUP established a daughter company in Albania 

GISDATA GROUP, February 27, 2009

Media Contact: Kristina Hajduka, Marketing and PR, GISDATA GROUP LLC,

GISDATA GROUP yesterday opened yet another daughter company in the region, GISDATA shpk, in Tirana, Albania. The company will provide technical support for existing users in Albania, including the national agency for registration and legalisation of illegally-built properties, “ALUIZNI”, for which GISDATA developed and implemented an overall information system.

The company will also provide user’s education and training, consulting and overall IT software solutions for new clients. During complex projects, local experts in Tirana will have over 200 IT and GIS professionals from remaining seven GISDATA GROUP operating companies throughout the region at their disposal.

Periodically, and according to business needs, experts from the Albanian subsidiary will participate in regional projects that require their specialised knowledge. By opening the eight operating company, whilst also planning further expansion and opening of new companies in the region, GISDATA GROUP once more confirmed its serious orientation towards regional business expansion and its continuous fostering of long-term business relations with users throughout the region. That GISDATA GROUP is strongly committed to development of local technology markets and economies is confirmed by over 4.000 regional users the company serves, and by numerous investments in development and support of education in all countries throughout the region.

At the opening of the local company in Tirana and its accompanying event “GISDATA Open day – Tirana”, Mr. Boran Lončarić, the founder and CEO of GISDATA GROUP, pointed out that GISDATA GROUP’ s investment into development and education of employees throughout the region demonstrate the confidence in and strength of the company’s existing local experts, while the opening of GISDATA company in Albania is one of many continuous steps in the Group’s development and growth.

He also stressed out that the move is a sign of GISDATA GROUP being regionally recognised by its quality and investments in local knowledge and technology industries, and pinpointed the fact that from its very foundation, the company invested significant efforts and resources into development, education and growth of its human assets pool and business expansion. Mr. Lončarić confirmed the Group’s plan to continue with regional investments and announced a proximate opening of another daughter company.

The opening of GISDATA shpk Tirana and its accompanying event „GISDATA Open Day – Tirana 2009“ was attended by around 60 guests, including representatives from ALUIZNI agency, the National Military Cartographic Institute, the Geologic Institute, the Ministry of Education, various universities, US AID, OSCE, telecom operators and the US embassy in Tirana, as well as by a local partner, a strong company CCS GROUP from Tirana and representatives from Microsoft Tirana.

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