GDUC 2009 successfully held on May 27-28 in Opatija

GDUC 2009 successfully held on May 27-28 in Opatija 

GISDATA GROUP, June 1, 2009

Media contact: Ljiljana Sakoman-Majstorović, PR, GISDATA GROUP llc

The 3rd international GISDATA User Conference, GDUC 2009, has been successfully held during May 27-28, 2009, in Opatija.

Around 200 regional users participated in this largest regional GIS community. Knowledge has been exchanged in various fields and across 8 thematic, industry-specific sessions as well as during two plenary sessions focused on e-government and telecom and a posters and maps exhibition.

At the posters and maps exhibition, 36 posters were presented, the best three of which received awards based on their contribution to the local community or society in general, in which the presented project took place. Users also had an opportunity to sit through 4 technology sessions which presented latest ESRI ArcGIS technology and tools by GISDATA experts.

This year, the conference also offered 2 demo islands presenting the Croatian Geoportal which has been made in cooperation between the Croatian State Geodetic Administration, (CSGA) and GISDATA. Geoportal offers 3 tb of spatial data to its end users, including public and private sector organisations and the public, through a solution and a web portal designed and created by GISDATA.

Focusing on Key Issues, Delivering Sustainable Benefits

With over 47 presentations held during GISDATA User Conference, users were exposed to the latest GIS and supporting technologies’ projects, all of which carry unique and sustainable value to their communities, organisations or companies. From telecom to e-government and natural resources, GIS and related technologies’ overall solutions are becoming the key drivers of companies’ sustainable growth and a key support during unpredictable economic cycles when optimisation, cost savings and maximisation of existing resources are of paramount importance. On top of that, and as demonstrated during the technology sessions, GIS technology is rapidly developing and offering a vast number of new possibilities, all of which optimise one’s work and strategic planning, offers better control and analysis and gives organisations a more solid framework for carrying out their business goals.

Panel – improving government efficiency

The panel discussion gathered key figures in the areas of spatial planning, information technology and geoinformation, who discussed optimisation of governmental organisations with key solutions, with the Croatian Geoportal, created according to the latest EU directives such as INSIPRE, being the best and most recent example.

Views set high on future technologies

The telecom-oriented plenary session, held on day 2, was especially focused on future technologies which help organisations gain competitive advantage, especially during these unpredictable times. The session addressed topic such as software quality assurance processes, business intelligence and new business trends, amongst other topics. Views were set high on questions, future solutions and benefits which will help organisations achieve sustainable growth. At the same time, some of GISDATA’s worldwide partners offering various technological platforms had introduced their benefits with plenty of global examples and case studies.

The conference carried a highly positive note, given the enthusiasm showed by GISDATA users, partners and employees, who gathered in order to share with each other latest and impressing impacts of GIS and related technologies’’ projects and discuss future ides, possibilities and projects. The highly professional and buzzing environment has been additionally cheered by a enjoyable concert by Josipa Lisac, the Croatian greatest and regionally famous music star, and supporting social events.

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