GDi Academy started May 28 2010

GDi Academy started May 28 2010 

GDi GISDATA, June 9, 2010

GDI people development: GDi Academy started May 2010 with „FMTL – Foundations of Management and Team Leadership“

GDi strategic direction of investment in its employees development, managed by GDi HR team, is one of the key elements of GDi management direction and GDi company culture.

GDi Academy, a comprehensive internal program of training for skills and capabilities development is the cornerstone of that program of employees development.
GDi Academy is both a benefit and opportunity for GDi staff members identified and selected by their immediate superiors as participants for professional growth and new capabilities development and support.

The idea of GDi Academy was born as an idea by GDi management and HR in 2008, and was included in GDi HR development activities during 2009. A professional, regionally leading HR development company was commissioned in 2009 to develop the GDi Academy plan and its first key course, the GDi “FMTL – Foundations of Management and Team Leadership”.

GDi FMTL course is professionally tailor-made and custom-developed for GDi specific technology industry and specifically for our GDi growing employees, entirely delivered and executed by external, leading HR development and training experts, in English language. GDi Academy “FMTL” course is an intense “introduction to management” training program for development of prospective and current team leaders, prospective and current managers, and prospective future leaders, and covers topics such as team behavior, leadership, management, marketing, customer and market communication, operations management, projects management, as well as finance for non-finance majors.

GDi Academy FMTL is delivered to internally identified and management selected GDi existing team leaders of mid-level managers, as well as to some high-potential employees, who travel to attend the course from many GDi locations. GDi Academy is therefore also a cross-office, cross-regional, multi-national melting pot that further fosters GDi teamwork across different regions and offices.

The “GDi Academy FMTL class of 2010” of sixteen GDi employees from six different GDi operating companies and from all standard GDi departments – CSO (Customer Solutions Organization), DQO (Delivery and Quality Organization) and CGS (Corporate and Group Services) who started this course on May 28k 2010 is a sign that, despite all economic turmoil in the markets, needs to optimize spending and focus on achievable efficiencies – GDi management decided to not decrease, but actually increase investment in our GDi employees in 2010.

GDi HR department plan and intention is that the GDi Academy will continuously to hold the FMTL course on at least “once a year” basis, for approximately 16 employees every year. Additional specialized courses are to be added in future years.

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