Flood mapping and modeling project “AKIR” successfully completed for Hungarian water agency VKKI

Flood mapping and modeling project “AKIR” successfully completed for Hungarian water agency VKKI 

GDi GISDATA, May 15, 2010

GDi central Hungarian office, ESRI Hungary, located in Budapest, successfully completed an almost 1 million EUR worth, 2-phases 2-year information system and custom software project „AKIR“ for VKKI – the Hungarian Central State Agency for Water Resources and Environment Protection, founded in 2007 (www.vkki.hu).

In May 2010, GDi Budapest / ESRI Hungary had successfully completed and delivered to the full utilization of VKKI, a final 2nd phase of the project called “AKIR II” of a total approximately 1 million EUR worth 2-year 2-phases project for VKKI. Focus of the project „AKIR“ is mapping of flood areas and modeling the risk of future flooding with the help of the state of the art software for modeling and flood predictions.

In the first phase of the project “AKIR I”, completed in 2009, all 12 regional VKKI offices were equipped with the advanced ArcGIS technology for spatial data input and spatial analysis , and comprehensive trainings was performed for VKKI staff.

In the second phase “AKIR II”, which lasted from mid 2009 until successful completion in beginning of May 2010, GDi Budapest / ESRI Hungary was developing a comprehensive advanced ArcGIS based application for mapping flooded areas and predicting the possible future flooding. In the final phase of the project, this “AKIR II” application has been installed and delivered for the daily use in all 12 regional VKKI centers.

Appropriate flood predictions are of the extreme importance in Hungary, especially in the catchment area of river Tisza, which often floods.

Floods on the relatively low and flat terrain of Hungary make huge damages, so this issue is a national priority. Therefore, AKIR project and establishment of AKIR information mapping and flood forecasting information system, was one of the key projects of VKKI.

Boran Lončarić, CEO of GDi and Attila Olah, Director of GDi operating company in Hungary; ESRI Hungary said: „With our application software, developed on top of the leading ArcGIS platform, VKKI will be able to react more quickly and manage the anti-flooding activities in Hungary, much better. Hereby, our applications are not only the successful result of the project and daily tool for VKKI, but contribute to the security and increase in the protection of assets and quality of life of the Hungarian citizens“.

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