GDi telecom experts meeting gathers participants from 15 countries on 3 continents

GDi telecom experts meeting gathers participants from 15 countries on 3 continents 

GDi GISDATA, May 27 and 28, 2010

Two days expert meeting on telecom information systems for EMEA – Europe, Middle East and Africa, organized by GDi GISDATA / GDi Systems together with ESRI and Telcordia took place in Zagreb May 27 and 28. Almost 40 experts from 15 countries on 3 continents participated in this event.

GDI GISDATA / GDi Systems, one of the leading specialized technology companies in the region; for technical telecom information systems as well as the biggest geoinformation applications company in Central and South Eastern Europe, organized a two days professional conference on telecom information systems, held at the Four Points by Sheraton hotel in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. This professional conference that GDi organized together with ESRI and Telcordia Technologies gathered almost 40 experts from 15 countries on 3 continents.

Besides GDi GISDATA and GDi Systems regional experts from four countries, as well as partner companies Telcordia Technologies and ESRI, this conference gathered together around 40 lecturers and telecom experts from Europe, America and Middle East. Among the participants were guests from USA, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia.

During the conference, GDi presented its latest generation of software solutions and application packages for VAS – value added services for mobile operators. GDi new generation of location based services (LBS) systems, grouped in GDi CANVAS and GDi ENSAMBLE product ranges provides a powerful innovative platform for mobile operators to offer a wide spectrum of attractive services to either residential or business users. GDi key user, a mobile operator VIPNET Croatia, a Vodafone affiliate in the Mobilkom Austria group, presented to the conference participants its implementation of the particular GDi LBS VAS system for managing mobile resources in the m2m (machine-to-machine) application space for business customers – a well known and very successful VIPNET service „VIP Car Surveillance”.

GDi also presented its OSS – operations support systems solution used for managing the internal technical operations of the telecom operators. Specifically presented were OSS solutions for fixed operators T-Com Croatia and Telecom Slovenia. Just a week earlier those solutions were presented at the large global telecom OSS conference “TMF Tele Management World 2010” in Nice, France.

Participants of this conference also visited T-Com northern Adriatic regional center in the port city of Rijeka, on wonderful Croatian Adriatic coast, where they learned about one of GDi solutions that has been implemented within the T-Com Croatia overall OSS / NGOSS and is in non-stop function already for multiple years.

GDi used the occasion of EMEA telecom expert meeting participants visiting Rijeka to present to them also a location of the traditional GDi regional users conference – a wonderful “conferences, health and tourism” small town of Opatija, the pearl of Adriatic, with tourism tradition since 1870s, and to invite them to come and present their projects this year, as the GDi 2010 users conference shall be held in Opatija on September 21, 22 and 23.

Mr. Boran Lončarić, CEO of GDi Group pointed out that it has been a great honor to GDi on one side, as well as great responsibility on the other, that so many expert participants from the whole EMEA region and USA, chose Croatia, namely Zagreb, Rijeka and Opatija, as a location, over, for example Berlin, where this meeting will take place next year in 2011.

“It was a great honor, not only for our GDi employees based in Croatia, but also for all of our GDi approximately 200 employees located in 10 regional offices in 9 countries in Europe to host such an event. According to the positive feedback from the meeting participants, we were not only just really good hosts but have actually impressed many of them with our GDi surprisingly innovative and industry leading-edge application solutions. Some of the conference participants noted that the level of technological advancement of the GDi solutions, and their innovativeness, shows that technology solutions coming from so-called “small countries” sometimes not only just rival, but occasionally also outperform the innovation and development level of the bigger telecom markets, leading to exports of technological solutions from those smaller markets to bigger ones “.

In regards to the presentations of GDi CANVAS and GDi ENSAMBE system for providing mobile services with added value, Mr. Lončarić pointed out that presentations and particular implementation approach, on the VIPNET example, induced the interest for presenting software products and experts services for the Italian, Saudi Arabian, Jordan and Polish markets. Presenting solution for fixed operators was especially interesting to the people responsible for one Belgium project, while long-term partners suggested to jointly pursue few projects in USA, as well as in Central and South America.

GDi partners presented selected telecom industry solutions from the geo-info and telecommunication fields.

ESRI experts presented the new generation of the complete enterprise GIS software platform ArcGIS 10.0, as well as ability to use it in the “cloud” environment on top of some new types of infrastructure platforms – such as on AWS (Amazon Web Services). Telcordia Technologies lecturers showed the overview of the possibilities of various applications for telecom operators in the category of system for the basic operations support (Operations Support Systems).

USA projects presented included applications allowing the public insight into level of penetration and availability of broadband telecom services “Broadband Mapping” already used in 12 US states Middle East region projects were presented by the GDi partner company UtilNet that spoke of the implementation project for the technical documentation systems of the both inside as well the outside plant of the optical network of STC – Saudi Telecom Corporations. HNIT Baltic experts presented the projects of measuring and presenting the KPI – key performance indicator parameters of the mobile operator Zain in Sudan.

European lecturers presented several projects for the leading operators (Vodafone Germany, fixed operators Arcor and Versatel in Germany, fixed operators TEO and VDNET in Lithuania and mobile operator CenterTel in Poland. A leading GIS-based tool for design and analysis of the wireless 3G and 4G networks – the “Cellular Expert” latest release, had also been presented, as well as its use at CTiTi – the Telecom Regulatory Agency of Catalonia.

GDi presented several of its own solutions: technical information systems for the telecom operators, already successfully implemented by several clients, such as Telekom Slovenije in Slovenia, T-Com and VIPNET in Croatia, VIPNET in Macedonia and Serbia, Vodafone in Hungary, BH Telekom and Telekom Srpske and HT Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Telekom Srbije, MTS (Mobilna Telefonija Srbije) and Telenor in Serbia, OiV – Broadcasting transmitters and links in Croatia , Antenna Hungaria in Hungary as well as for telecom regulators in Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Serbia.

This yeas international experts working meeting for telecom technical informational systems organized by GDi started on Thursday, May 27 in Zagreb and was closed on Friday, May 28, late afternoon, after visiting Rijeka and Opatija.

The similar 2011 EMEA working meeting of telecom industry experts of ESRI, Telcordia and GDi shall take place in Berlin, Germany.


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