GDi second development centre in Hungary opened in city of Pécs

GDi second development centre in Hungary opened in city of Pécs 

GDi GISDATA, June 9, 2010

To meet the growing number of GDi contracts for research for EU financed programs, as well as for the development of specialized solutions for the mobile telecom industry GDi opened a second specialized development center in Hungary, located in the city of Pécs.

The first product that this GDi second development center in Hungary works on is the application for location-aware mobile social networking applications for mobile “smartphone” operating environments, , such as Google Android, Apple iPhone, Windows Smartphone, Palm WebOS and Nokia Symbian. In addition, the center carries development co-financed by EU on modern applications of GIS in the context of SaaS (Software as a service) and “Cloud computing”.

This GDi development centre in Pécs in Baranya region, has been established by the initiative of the very dynamic GDi’s main Hungarian development and management office in Budapest, in cooperation with the local university and partners.
CEO of GDi Group, Mr. Boran Lončarić, together with the managing director od GDi Hungary subsidiary ESRI Magyarorszag, Mr. Attila Olah, pointed out the importance of continued investment in research and development when it comes to technological industries and companies engaged in development of intellectual capital. “Technological industry has been successful and propulsive primary due to the fact that it is based on mutual interplay of knowledge and ideas. In order to reach good and profitable market ideas, as well as a tangible new product or service, it is necessary to invest in research. Therefore, we decided to use our expertise in geo-informatics and telecom technologies and see all kind of ideas we can come to in combining those two areas”.

Although relatively new, GDi’s Research Centre has already given its first results. A trial version of application for using a local services combined with the popular online social service Facebook, has been made. This system works in a way that application users, according to their personal preferences, can allow disclosure of their current location and in relation to it see the location of their friends in the near area. Based on that information, users can simply contact their Facebook friends that chose to use the services, see where they are located, and meet them at the agreed location.

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