GDi GISDATA Group amongst largest delegations at the world largest GIS conference

GDi GISDATA Group amongst largest delegations at the world largest GIS conference 

GDi GISDATA, San Diego, California, July 12, 2010

A team of nine GDi GISDATA Group geoinformation technology application experts, from both GDi DQO – delivery and quality organization, as well as GDi CSO – customers solutions organization, from four largest of GDi GISDATA operating companies in nine countries in Europe plus from GDi Systems Inc., our USA based operating company, is attending the 2010 ESRI Users Conference in San Diego, California.

ESRI Users Conference is the largest GIS technology and data event in the world. GDi delegation is traditionally amongst the largest of all ESRI international GIS SW distribution partners, and amongst the largest, specially from the European region. With delegation of 9 attending this conference with more than 40 parallel sessions for specialized topics the whole week of July 12 – 16, and also with pre-conference and post-conference training sessions, this represents a GDi investment of more then 500 expert, leading hours of top-world knowledge gathering and transfer to GDi group. GDi GISDATA continued investment in knowledge and keeping at the forefront of the world-leading geoinformation technologies, is key in bringing benefits to our users and customers. The teams visiting such conferences share the knowledge internally and enable almost 200 other GDi GISDATA experts to apply the technologies most efficiently. Thus, this “more then 500 hours of expert knowledge gathering” is further multiplied to several thousand equivalent hours of training for complete GDi staff.

At the 30th international ESRI User conference 2010, the largest GIS event in the world, the astounding plenary session hosted more than 13,000 users of ESRI technology from around the globe.
The conference comes just after ESRI ArcGIS 10 leading GIS platform revolutionary new version was released two weeks ago. As exciting as the ArcGIS 10.0 was, ESRI had additional “nice surprises” for its users to reveal in the July 12, 2010 plenary.

Mr. Jack Dangermond, ESRI President, announced ESRI ArcGIS support for Apple iOS, which enables ESRI GIS to work not only for applications on the Apple iPhone, but also on the Apple iPad. ESRI applications on Apple iOS and iPAD were demonstrated at the plenary.

But for most of ESRI users the greatest news is that the division to desktop, server and mobile GIS vanishes at ArcGIS 10. ArcGIS is the platform for GIS. Some of the new features that ArcGIS 10 brings were already presented at GDi GISDATA Group events in June and July and include:

  • 3D city modeling capability with many new tools for analysis
  • Improved support for rich internet applications such as Silverlight, Flex and JavaScript
  • Support for multiple map layouts
  • Template based editing
  • And many other productivity tools

Another emphasis of the plenary opening at ESRI UC 2010 was on sharing geographic knowledge and resources (maps, services, data) using Users of ArcGIS are enabled and encouraged to use that site as the platform for sharing maps created with ArcMap, layer packages, another new feature of ArcGIS, services, and other geospatial items.

ESRI User Conference will proceed until Friday July 16, 2010 with many users’ and business partners’ paper presentations in more than 40 parallel session, ESRI and partners’ technical sessions, great vendor exhibition, numerous special interest groups meetings, and other activities. GDi GISDATA representatives cover as much content as possible that is of interest to its users and pick up information, answers to questions and ideas.

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