GDiUC 2010 successfully held on September 22-23 in Opatija

GDiUC 2010, Opatija 

4th international GDi Users Conference 2010, has been successfully held during September 22-23, 2010 in Opatija. Around 200 participants spent 2 or even 3 fruitful days sharing their knowledge and experiences across 11 thematic, industry-specific sessions as well as during one Panel discussion (Geoinfo), Plenary session (Telco) and Technology session (ArcGIS technology). As usual, there was also posters and maps exhibition. Participants at GDiUC 2010 came from 3 continents (North America, Asia, Europe) and 16 countries.


Shape Tomorrow Today – Processes, Technologies, Data

Motto of GDiUC 2010 was “Shape Tomorrow Today – Processes, Technologies, Data”. Our intention was to provide latest trends and ideas in the field of geoinformation technology such as ESRI ArcGIS 10.0 and new data types such as LIDAR, as well as general trends in organization of business processes, especially telecom industry.

There were more than 50 Geoinfo and Telecom presentations in parallel sessions as well as 28 posters exhibited.

Panel Discussion – Geoinfo

The Panel Discussion took place on 22 Sept. in the afternoon with prominent participants as Mr. L. Jordan, Director of Imagery, ESRI (USA), Mr. Z. Bačić, Director SGA, Mr. R. Becker, etc. who discussed how geospatial technology can affect economic growth, benefits and future application of geoinformation.

Two Plenary sessions

One of the world leading experts in Geoinformatics, Mr. Lawrie Jordan – Director of Imaging, ESRI Inc., USA introduced the most recent technological and industrial achievements, current status and trends (specially as relates to ArcGIS 10.0 release) in geoinfo industry.

Telco session with Mr. A.W. Jagau, Telcordia Technologies, Mr. S. Marušić, Croatian Telecom, Mr.Bart Schouw, Progress Software, etc. aimed to provide latest trends in telecom industry.

“Technology and product roadmaps” sessions

Specialized “Technology and product roadmaps” sessions on Thursday, Sept 23 covered directions, trends and roadmaps for a range of technology platforms and products. Among other topics, participants have been informed about latest technology platforms achievements and trends such as an overview of Arc GIS 10 – an integrated system covering all mobile, desktop, server and the cloud platforms, as well as a special session on new Geoimaging and LIDAR data. An overview of Telcordia OSS software was also given. Furthermore, special sessions on GDi specialized telecom VAS and NGOSS products such as GDi CANVAS, GDi ENSAMBLE, and GDi GEOSS were provided.

Social events:

Besides working sessions of the conference, there were social events, such as concert on the evening of the 22nd Sept. and dinner. We are glad that many of You attended the social events and had a chance to meet Your colleagues and exchange some ideas in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Poster awards:

On the same day, best posters were awarded:

  • Spatial Plan of National Park Galičica by Spatial Planning Agency (Macedonia) as winner of the GDiUC 2010 Best Poster Award
  • Environmental modeling and GIS in environmental impact assessment by Laura Magyar and Imre Magyar (Hungary) and GIS of Belgrade by Krsto Bojović (Serbia) as two Best Supporting Posters

List of all posters presented at GDiUC 2010 is available in pdf format.

As conclusion to this year’s conference, we really appreciated Your attendance and we want to believe that GDiUC 2010 gave You the opportunty to share the latest technology achievements and exchange knowledge and experiences with Your colleagues around the world. At the same time we shall use this opportunity to announce our next conference, GDiUC 2011, some time in late April 2011 and are looking forward to seeing You there!

Mr Boran Lončarić

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