GDi GISDATA system for protection of natural resources of Albania


The system will maintain a register of all natural resources suitable for use through concessions given by the Albanian National Agency for Natural Resources -AKBN. It will also help protect natural resources and national interests through the lifetime support of the concessions, including analysis and opportunities for issuance of certain types of concessions, management of tenders, contracting and continuous collection and monitoring the situation on the field.

Zagreb and Tirana branch of the GDi GISDATA Group, along with partner CCS in Tirana, signed a new contract and began preparing an information system for the central register of natural resources and management of the concessions for mineral resources, oil, gas and energy sources for the entire territory of Albania.

The GDi GISDATA information system will be used by the Albanian National Agency for Natural Resources – AKBN, which is a state agency within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy of Albania, headed by the deputy prime minister, which illustrates the importance of natural resources for the economy of Albania. Export of the mineral resources is one of their major export industries and the biggest concession is given to international partners – Germany, France, China and Turkey.

Albania is by some natural resources, such as the largest chrome mine and large reserves of copper, nickel and coal, a leading country in Europe. Also, there is a lot of exploitation of mineral resources for building materials and a great interest in oil and gas, especially undersea. Albania has also a large potential for exploitation of sustainable energy resources, particularly hydro energy. In the field of sustainable energy resources AKBN has a joint development projects with the EU and actively appears at the World Energy Congresses.

Boran Lončarić, CEO of GDi GISDATA Group, said that by winning this project, GDI confirmed once again its high expertise and strong export orientation of the company. “The AKBN has chosen GDi GISDATA based on years of experience in the field of information systems for natural resources and geoinformation systems. The main references were the establishments of similar systems for managing and monitoring the concessions and revenue management for the Ministry of Economy of Macedonia and the Ministry of Energy and Mining of the Republic of Serbia”, Loncaric noted.

GDi GISDATA Group software engineers from Zagreb and Rijeka, with the support of its local office in Tirana and partner CCS, produced software for this system which, in addition to workflow management, has GIS system as the most significant component. It is a thorough system for spatial registration of mineral raw materials, energy resources throughout Albania and all the activities that the AKBN monitors. Partner CCS provides the infrastructural part of the project.

GDi GISDATA Group is planning a production of information system of spatially-based registry of concessions as a ready-made application under the trade name “GDI CONCESSIONS MANAGER” for distribution outside the region.

With the afore-mentioned project, AKBN joins a growing number of GDi GISDATA users in Albania, such as the Agency for the legalization of property ALIUZNI, City of Tirana, Durres Port and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Albania’s national address register.
The GDi GISDATA hopes and expects that Croatia will also move towards the establishment of a similar information system for managing the exploitation of mineral resources since there is a need, and similar systems are already implemented in all the EU countries.

More information about the Albanian National Agency for the management of natural resources can be found on pages

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