GDi GISDATA system for telecom infrastructure of Macedonia

After winning the international tender and upon conclusion of negotiations, GDi GISDATA daughter company – GDi GISDATA Skopje signed an agreement last week with the Agency for Electronic Communications of Macedonia. The project will begin next week and, according to the plan, should be completed by the end of the year.

GDI GISDATA Group won the contest in international competition and signed a contract with the Agency for Electronic Communications of Macedonia (AEK) for implementation of an integrated system of a unique national electronic register for all public fixed and radio communication network infrastructures in Macedonia. The system will also be used to record the level of telecommunications capacity utilization and therefore will form the basis of regulation and equalization of access rights to free capacity of the telecom infrastructure of Macedonia. The contract was signed last week in Skopje by GDi GISDATA daughter company – GDi GISDATA Skopje. The project will begin next week and should be deployed by the end of this year.

Boran Lončarić, CEO of GDi GISDATA Group, pointed out that GDi GISDATA has one of the most complete offers of technical and regulatory information systems for telecommunications in this part of Europe. This is evident by numerous clients from the telecom sector which include members of Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Telekom Austria Group, Telekom Slovenia, BH Telecom, Telekom Serbia, Macedonian Telecom, operator MTS Ukraine and a number of regulatory agencies and authorities in several countries. “By implementing GDi GISDATA system for national electronic register of telecommunications infrastructure, AEK joined our family of users of complete telecom solutions that include ministries, regulatory agencies and other related institutions in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Hungary. We are sure that an electronic registry for AEK will be a step forward to more efficient and economically healthier telecom industry in Macedonia and greater benefits for citizens”, noted Loncaric.

GDi GISDATA will implement the system of electronic infrastructural register which includes a wireless (radio) and fixed communication infrastructure. With the help of this system, AEK will be able to record all radio transmitters in all the regulated segments of the radio frequency spectrum. This includes the technology of mobile telephony (DECT, 2G, GSM, 3G, UMTS, LTE and 4G cellular base station antennas and associated poles) and the entire broadcasting infrastructure, together with analogue and digital systems for transmission and broadcasting of radio and TV signals, directed microwave links and even the radar infrastructure.

In the field of fixed telecom infrastructure AEK will be able to record cable routes, canals, pipes, manholes and cables of all types (copper wires, coaxial and optical cables), as well as the public telecom equipment in buildings, active and passive, such as phone switchboard, operator’s equipment cabinets etc. Level of utilization will also be recorded for every type of telecom infrastructure and, more importantly, the remaining availability of infrastructure. The staff will be able to collect and validate all the necessary information about the infrastructure, as well as carry out measuring on site using the GDi field devices and units (GPS systems, tablet PCs). All public telecommunication operators in Macedonia will also have the right to join the register, via Internet, with a corresponding obligation of delivery and updating their own infrastructure.

It should be pointed out that the operators will have an option of anonymous access to a limited set of data regarding other operators’ infrastructure as well as insight into the capacity availability for the installation of additional telecom equipment (ducts, manholes, pipes, or the antenna poles) of other operators. Given that AEK provides rental price of the entire telecom operator’s infrastructure there will be a possibility to calculate the potential rental cost for any interested telecom operator who wants to invest in business development. In the coming years the system will be upgraded with the functionalities that will provide access and insight into the AEK’s electronic registry to other Macedonian regulatory institutions and citizens.

Dejan Krstevski, Director of GDi GISDATA Skopje, noted that expandability, data structure and support for different technologies and data contents are the greatest advantage of a new solution. “Although the primary objective of this solution is to increase efficiency of internal business processes of AEK regulator and telecom operators, certain information will be provided for other state institutions and public and private organizations. Such connection will result in better telecom services as an essential aspect of the competitiveness of the Macedonian economy and overall quality of life in Macedonia”, said Krstevski.

GDi GISDATA will, besides development and implementation of this contemporary and extensive software solution, deliver a comprehensive set of spatial geographic data for locating telecom infrastructure such as digital elevation model, road Atlas, land use/land cover data, digital orthophoto images of the whole of Macedonia as well as the address model and maps for 30 cities in Macedonia.

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