GDi and Telecommunications

About GDi

GDi SYSTEMS (GDi) is part of GDi GISDATA GROUP of operating companies ( GDi is an information technology products and services organization which focuses on Geoinformation (GI) and Telecom and Media (TM) market segments with local presence in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe and in North America. GDi delivers selected products and solutions to Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Asia markets through network of value added resellers, partners, system integrators and agents. GDi products target primarily telecommunication operators, regulatory bodies and broadcast agencies.

Founded in 1989 and now with almost 200 employees including product managers, sales consultants and delivery engineers and more than 4000 customers, GDi is one of the largest geoinformation and telecom and media companies in CEE focused on products and solutions dedicated to:

  • revenue generation
  • market driven platforms and enablers
  • operations efficiency

GDi’s objective is to maintain long-term satisfied customers and employees, sustainable and financially healthy business and grow to deliver even larger and more complex overall products and solutions.

GDi products

GDi products support major telecom operators, groups and alliances in their effort to grow business and generate revenue, decrease time to market with innovative application enablement platforms and improve efficiency of internal operations. GDi products are:

  • GDi ENSEMBLE platform and services – a value added (VAS) and location based services (LBS) platform
  • GDi VIZION suite – a new generation operations support systems (NGOSS) and dynamic service catalog (DSC) suite of solutions and products
  • GDi ATLAS data products – an advanced information content and geoinformation products and maps portfolio including high resolution city models
  • GDi LOCALIS suite – an G2C platform for new generation collaboration of governments with citizens

Core competences

As one of its highest values, GDi can highlight its professional services organization, industry subject matter expertise, consulting and technology services, PMP certified project managers, industry focused products and product components, applications, data, models, element libraries as well as training and education, training centers, technical support and close relationship with leading industry technology partners. GDi embraces large, skilled and experienced pool of professionals with almost 200 employees in 9 offices worldwide. Our employees guarantee certified industry experience, strong and proven technology knowledge, skills and competencies developed in more than 20 years of operation. GDi combines industry expertise as well as software and data products help your industry to reduce risk, shorten time to market and create mutual benefit and satisfaction.

GDi technical support services deliver services which are strongly aware of business-critical environment. Our support services include helpdesk and pro-active maintenance services, technical support, extended technical support, software updates, new releases, 24×7 support and on-line support. GDi technical support is equipped with lab environment running on SUN and WIN platforms where we test versions of software which have been deployed worldwide.

TM Forum membership

GDi is member of Tele Management Forum, an industry association focused on transforming business processes, operations and systems for managing and monetizing on-line Information, Communications and Entertainment services. The Forum has over 650 global members from across the converging industries of telecom, cable, media and the Internet. Amongst other advantages, being a member offers to GDi an opportunity for exchanging knowledge and ideas with other members – leading global telecom operators, infrastructure and service providers, regulatory agencies and associations. GDi is participating and presenting at Management World Conferences, participating in discussion groups, workshops and forums. This shows a strong dedication of GDi to position itself amongst the leading telecom and media product and solution providers.

The membership gives GDi and opportunity to stay in close relation with latest technology, quality, standards, regulation and other telecom-industry related developments, with particular focus on NGOSS. GDi is actively seeking to participate in Catalyst programs with leading NGOSS vendors bringing project and operational experience to Catalyst teams. Prior to becoming a TM Forum member, GDi maintained close contacts with the association, through several TM Forum’s members, industry opinion-makers and professionals.

Selected customers and partners

GDi has delivered its products and solution to major telecom operators, groups and alliances such as T-COM Croatia (T-HT), Telecom Austria Group (TAG) operators in SEE (VIPnet, VIP mobile), Vodafone Hungary, MTS Ukraine, Telecom Slovenia and many other.

GDi delivers its products and solutions on top of selected technology platforms including Telcordia and ESRI and works with major system integrators such as Ericsson, Siemens, Oracle, Navteq and Microsoft.