e-Government Information Solutions

Most of the information used in government operations at various levels contains some reference to spatial location and spatial relation to the world’s objects and phenomena. Governments manage that information and produce information products with added value for support of everyday operations, decision making and services to citizens, businesses and other organizations. GDi GISDATA solutions and services help governments, departments and agencies raise efficiency at lower cost, as well as advance means of communication – and as result improve their services.

Natural Resources and Environmental Solutions

GDi GISDATA natural resources and environment solutions for natural resources management, environmental protection and sustainable development are available for various customers like Ministries, National Parks, Oil and gas industry, Institutes for spatial planning, local and regional governments, agencies and all customers with the basic goal of establishing sustainable development concept and maintaining a balance in environment.

Utility and Energy

When planning an expansion in a network one must follow development in all areas where new consumption is likely to take place, so one needs to know demography, urban plan elements, development of industry and other facts, and GIS can give that fine balance between needs and expected return on investment – and assist marketing in efforts to increase the score.
GIS helps to avoid frequent outages and leaks, which can significantly increase operation costs, it provides maintenance departments with information what parts of the network are soon to be replaced or visited for control.
Operations departments need to know where network equipment is installed and when, as well as where are points of supply to be able to secure uninterrupted service to consumers. They can find it in GIS.


GDi telecom products support major telecom operators, groups and alliances in their effort to grow business and generate revenue, decrease time to market with innovative application enablement platforms and improve efficiency of internal operations.

Transport and logistics

Transportation as a means of ensuring human mobility is a crucial concern in every modern country around the world. Many developed countries are facing the problems of serving the enormous demands for mobility and, concurrently, tackling the corresponding social and environmental implications amongst the numerous other factors than need to be taken into account.
Efficient logistics operations require accurate, and timely, decision making. Knowing where a vehicle, pick-up, or delivery, is at any given time leverages assets for optimum deployment and cost savings. GIS can provide this critical information. Customer satisfaction, competitive position, timely response, effective deployment, and profitability are all positively affected.

Commercial Industry

GDi solutions for commercial industry include solutions for facilities and real estate management, media and advertising, financial services and insurance, retail and commercial business.