GDi Services

Building a successful GIS requires specific background spanning from general IT, through specific subject matter expertise in the area of application to geographic, cartographic and geodetic knowledge. Many users realize they don’t have all the necessary resources for the full implementation of GIS they need. Then they turn to GDi GISDATA for professional services of its experts. GDi GISDATA’s consultants are skilled, trained, committed to user business goals and experienced through a number of projects. GDi GISDATA professionals provide services in various areas such as:

  • strategic decision support in IT development,
  • planning GIS implementation,
  • planning for an enterprise system with GIS functions,
  • designing systems that integrate GIS technology,
  • project planning and management,
  • implementation: installation, deployment, testing, performance tuning, maintenance, support,
  • customization – development of specific functions on top of out-of-the-box functionality
  • development of complex and/or specific functional applications,
  • education for using GIS software tools and for GIS design and implementation methodology,
  • developing specific data for the GIS applications,
  • performing specific spatial analysis and other geoprocessing in order to get new value added information.